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Product Management Resources

This list was compiled thanks to Sefi Keller


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    The mom test, summaries 1 2 3 4 5


Root cause of failure - “should we build this feature?”, don’t get stuck :)
One metric is not enough for growth, i.e., “What actions could we take to lead to our users to..” and “Input metrics are leading indicators and output metrics are lagging indicators. By definition, it can take time for the output to reflect positive or negative changes in the inputs.”
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    Get metrics
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    Break output metrics into inputs
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    Understand and monitor tradeoffs



Product Market Fit

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    What makes things work, pmf rather than sales.
Escaping the build trap - designing features, doing more agile work without a brain is not a value for the client, using analytics can help us understand of a feature has value.
Asking the right questions and asking the client why are they leaving

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